Racing the Storm (Beast of Burden Book 3) (English Edition)




Racing the Storm (Beast of Burden Book 3) (English Edition)

My job was simple: provide the voice of reason on the Alpha Council so no one gained more power than anyone else. And it remained that way until the humans managed to fracture our numbers. And worst of all, the only Omega I have ever met to make my heart pound has gone missing.

Danyal is more than just a geneticist dedicated to our cause. He’s also the one Omega I shared a heat with decades ago.

But Danyal doesn’t seem to remember our night, and it’s not something I’m eager to bring up again, but I will never forget the way I wanted him. And now that his life is in danger, it’s all I can do to keep the course and not tear the planet apart. I’m not sure what I expect to find when I finally catch his scent, but I know I’m not leaving until he’s safe in my arms.

Racing the Storm is the third book in a Dystopian MM Werewolf trilogy featuring A/B/O hierarchy with no m-preg, mild violence, and a happily ever after. Beast of Burden books are not stand alone and are best read in order. Racing the Storm is a second edition, previously released under a different title, series, and pen name.

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